Top 10 Android Spy Applications

Best 10 Cell Phone Trackers for Android

Spy app allows us to monitor the activity of the cell phone owner secretly. At first, such applications were used only by governments, and they were installed on PCs. Nowadays, there are some mobile spy apps, and the majority of them are compatible with Android OS. Here are top 10 of such cell phone trackers.

Spy Camera OS

The main feature of this spy phone app, which make it different from others, is the possibility to take photos secretly. Spy Camera OS benefits: simple and easy-to-use, opportunity to select the resolution of the picture, possibility to set an auto shot, face detection and far more.

Ear Spy

This application is perfect for those, who want to record voices, as it can capture even the lowest one. All you need is to leave your phone in the room, where the conversation is on, and listen to it from the other room with the help of Bluetooth headphones.

Automatic Call Recorder

This free cell phone app records all made or received calls. It starts recording automatically so that you can listen to the conversation, whenever it is convenient to you. You can select number, which should not be recorded as well.

Ip Cam Viewer

This tracking app allows you to control your IP camera CCTV, webcam or other video recorders from a distance. What is more, it has the function, which allows you to see the motion on it via the application. This app can even start auto recording when it detects the motion.

Monitor Call SMS Location

This is another good phone tracker to monitor calls, SS, GPS location and some other apps. Even if the GPS is switched off on the target device, its location will be detected via web-portal.

Anti Spy Mobile

This app gives you an opportunity to check whether there is any spy app installed on your device, and as a result, protect you from interference into your private life.

Hidden Eye

This simple app will take a picture of those people, who try to unlock your phone and get some private data from it. This app will take the photo of the intruder with your from the camera, and it will store that picture on your phone so that you can see it later.

App Lock

This app allows you to protect your data from leaking with the help of password, pattern or even fingerprint. You can lock your social media apps with it, as well as SMS calls, etc.

Hide Calls Automatically

All calls will be deleted from the call logs on your phone so that no spy app will be able to send this information to an online account of the person, who wants to spy on you.

True Caller

This app will help you to detect unknown or blocked phone numbers, to figure out whether the person is free to talk, and even look through his or her photo even if it is not in your phone book.


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