Tips to Choose Best Whatsapp Spy App

Smart Tips on Choosing Whatsapp Spy Application

There are several Whatsapp spy apps on the market, and many users are puzzled by the question which one to choose. We have prepared nine tips on how to select the best application of this type.

Additional Features

Even if you look at SMS tracker only for this application, you want to use it for monitoring other activities as well. That is why think about what tracking features you need and compare them to that, offered by every app of this type.

Is This Software Undetectable?

This spy phone app should be 100% undetectable because you need to get the fair result of monitoring. If those people, whose phone you want to track, figure out that you spy on them they will provide you with wrong data or even delete the tracking app.

Compatibility is Important

Make sure that tracked smartphone is compatible with cell phone spy application, otherwise, it will not function correctly, or it will not work at all. Most apps are developed for Android or iOS users, but the most application is also compatible with other operation systems, but developers are not responsible for incompatibility so that it is better to check whether everything is all right and you can get desired data.

What is the Level of Service?

Spy app doesn’t always function without problems so that it is important to find out the type of support, provided by the vendor. It can be either support by phone, email, FAQs, etc.


It is important to read reviews of the users to know the advantages and disadvantages of every particular cell phone tracker to decide which one to choose.


One more thing you need to pay attention to is the range of settings, available for users. Spy phone app may contain features, which you don’t need, so make sure that you can switch them off, as they will occupy the space and distract you from things, which are important to you.

Free Trial

It is a good sign app has a free trial so that you will be able to use this application for some time and make sure that it will be handy to you. If there is no free trial, check it for money back guarantee for you to be able to ask for a refund if you are dissatisfied with the app.

Media Content

Whatsapp gives an opportunity to send not only text messages, but also pictures and videos. Thus, check whether cell phone trackers make it possible to see media files as well.


If spy app has keylogging function, you can use it for Whatsapp even if it does not specialize in it. That is possible because keylogging allows to capture keystrokes and have access to different apps.


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